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John Worrell Keely

John Worrell Keely was an amazing inventor. He had one of the brightest minds this world will ever encounter. The machines he created were complex yet mimicked the effects of nature and sound. Sound or vibrational sound if you will is what powered most of his devices.

John Worrell Keely would find the resonant frequency of an object and he would then tap into it. Once the resonant frequency was found he could cancel out certain vibrations within the object. The frequencies he would cancel out also cancelled the weight of the object, making the object completely weightless.

Whether John Worrell Keely was cancelling out the mass of the object or the actual weight of the object is a mystery. John build several devices in his inventing career. His main focus though was to build a working motor for his company Keely Motors. His company had stock, and the shareholders were constantly pressuring him to finish his workable motor. The motor has to be commercially viable.

With the parts Keely worked with and the types of inventions he built, it was not easy to get a commercially viable motor. His art was more about creating machines that could tap into vibrational frequencies. It is said in his book that he could even capture ether in cylinder. Ether is a substance also known as the God particle, it is incredibly dense and powerful. To this day no one has been able to capture ether or use it to power a machine. The amazing thing is that John Worrell Keely did.

John made several demonstrations of his machines and what they could do. There is no doubt that the observers were incredibly impressed. However there were some that doubted the claims of John Worrell Keely.

John died before being able to build a commercially viable device. It is a wonderful story of courage, and his beautiful mind.

Here is a picture of his device that could reduce the gravity of an object to zero. The series of discs and wires tapped into the vibrational frequency of the weight and neutralized the frequencies that gave the weight it`s weight.

To get the amazing life story of someone who actually created a working anti gravity device click on the link. Free Energy Pioneer: John Worrell Keely

John Worrell Keely

Here is another of John Worrell Keely`s devices that was quite interesting. It is called the musical dynasphere. It created continuous motion, it operated by playing specific musical notes, that is what made the globe turn on it`s axis.

Musical Dynasphere

keely Motor

You really should buy his book, it is inexpensive and it is one of the greatest stories ever told. John Worrel Keely was one of the brightest minds this world has ever known. You may also like The Phyics of Love, it is a book inspired by the works of John Worrell Keely.






















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