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Anti Gravity Car

Achieving true antigravity has been the "Holy Grail" of many propulsion researchers and experimenters since man first dreamed of flight. It's the aeronautics equivalent of the alchemist's quest to turn lead into gold. True antigravity would revolutionize air travel and space exploration. But is it possible? Or is it an impossibility that renders all such research fruitless and pointless? It's worth remembering that less than 100 years ago, space travel, not to mention going to the moon, were deemed impossible by much of the scientific community.

There is a new anti gravity car (toy car) called the Zero Gravity Micro R/C Car.

This car can vertically climb walls, it is simlply amazing to watch.

Zero Gravity Micro features an advanced Venturi suction system that works a bit like a vacuum cleaner. Special fans create massive down-force to keep it glued to the wall whilst flexible skirts around the chassis ensure the vacuum remains sealed.

You control the action via a stylish twin toggle infra-red transmitter and the vehicle itself is powered by a rechargeable battery.

You can buy your own zero gravity micro car at Amazon. Buy With 100% confidence through Amazon. Click on the link.


New Anti Gravity Car being planned by Ning Li

Conquering gravity, floating and levitation is becoming more of a reality and less likely good science fiction reading. Ning Li at the University of Alabama, works on a device in the laboratory that she believes will one day change the world.

Since Newton's famous apple story, the majority have believed that gravity cannot be conquered. Li's laboratory contains tanks of liquid nitrogen, a temperature chamber that is 390 degrees below zero, and a spinning ceramic material disk on the inside of the chamber. The disk is being levitated by powerful magnets and, if you were to see it, you would see that it floats inside the chamber. Ning Li's hopes are to invent a practical anti-gravity device allowing rockets to blast off without propellant and power plants to operate without fuel. She even hopes to design an anti-gravity car within a decade.










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